Typical Elements and steps required to complete your survey:

  • Preliminary Research and Analysis
  • Process Application
  • Prep Field Crew data
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Reduction
  • Prepare Preliminary maps
    • There is work that is completed in the office before the field crew work begins.
    • There is the field crew that work’s on your property.
    • There is the office personnel that receives the field data and completes the final plat.

Most of the surveyors work today is done in the office due to the outstanding advancement in field survey equipment technology. Technology has sped up the office work, but the majority of the workload falls into the hands of the office personnel:

  • Researching
  • Administrative
  • Drafting

Most Common Asked Questions:

· Will I ever need a survey?
· How much does a survey cost?
· Can anybody do a survey?
· How do I know if my property has been surveyed?
· What do I do if I think my neighbor is encroaching on my land?
· Why am I required to hire a professional land surveyor?

These questions can be answered by phone, 509-996-3409, email or completing the free estimate for survey form.